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Q: What are your rates for expert witness services?

A: The rates of our experts vary, but most offer competitive pricing. Our experts charge between $250 and $400 per hour for their services, depending on the details of the work (document review, report drafting, deposition and trial testimony, etc.).

A: Currently, our firm only has experts located in Florida. However, we are actively recruiting other experts and we encourage you to frequently visit our “Our Team” page for updates.

A: Absolutely. Our experts are willing to travel anywhere within the United States, and, in some cases, internationally. Additionally, depending on your needs and the value of the work involved, some of our experts may be willing to cover costs for their own travel to and from where you need them, so you can choose the very best without having to worry about enormous travel expenses.

A: Our experts are well-versed in legal procedure and the steps involved therewith. Many have firsthand experience serving as expert witnesses for document review, report writing, deposition and trial testimony, etc. However, our firm was founded by Dr. Gary Deel, a licensed attorney, and all experts on our team have been selected and trained by him, so even those experts who are newer to the world of expert witness work have been provided the basic knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to assist you with your cases.

A: Our experts are hand-selected by Dr. Gary Deel, the founder of our firm and a licensed attorney. Prior to being offered work with our firm, we verify that each of our experts has, at a minimum:

1. A terminal degree in their field

2. Relevant real-world work experience

3. No criminal record and no adverse civil litigation history

A: Yes. One of the conditions of joining our firm is that each expert must agree to procure professional liability (errors and omissions) insurance if requested by a potential client. So any expert on our team that does not already have coverage will gladly acquire it before beginning work for you, if you so desire.

A: No. Our experts are well-educated and well-trained, and to date none have ever been subjected to Frye or Daubert challenges for any of their work.

A: Many of our experts are employed with other work, so sometimes their schedules may require adjustment in order to accommodate additional casework. However, our experts understand that, for many cases, time is of the essence, so most are prepared to shift priorities around as needed to meet the deadlines that you set for them.

A: Yes. In the interest of clarity and the protection of all parties involved, our experts use a standard retainer agreement that articulates the rights of parties, the fee schedule, contingencies, confidentiality terms, and other important information. This retainer agreement can be provided to you upon request.

A: Absolutely. The knowledge, skills, and experience of our experts aren’t just useful in the courtroom, so many of our experts also offer their services in a consulting capacity for businesses and organizations that may need them. Feel free to contact us for more details.

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