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Q: What are your rates for expert and consulting services?

A: Dr. Deel's rates may vary based upon engagement details, but they generally range between $400 and $500 per billable hour.

A: Dr. Deel's primary office is located in Orlando, Florida but he is willing to travel as engagement needs may require.

A: Absolutely. Dr. Deel is willing to travel anywhere within the United States, and, in some cases, internationally. Additionally, depending on your needs and the value of the work involved, some travel costs and fees may be negotiated, so that you can still pursue the very best consultation services without having to worry about enormous travel expenses.

A: Yes. Dr. Deel is a licensed attorney in two states and the District of Columbia, and so he is very familiar with the entirety of the litigation process and the important roles that consultants and expert witnesses play.

A: Yes. Dr. Deel maintains general and professional liability insurance policies that cover all of his work as an expert/consultant.

A: To date, Dr. Deel's testimony has withstood all challenges and has never been excluded or limited. He has never been disqualified as a testifying expert witness.

A: Generally, Dr. Deel is able to meet the needs of most case engagements provided that enough advance notice is given regarding needs and deliverables. In addition to his consultant work, Dr. Deel is also a professor for several different universities, so sometimes schedules may require adjustment in order to accommodate additional casework. However, Dr. Deel understands that, for many cases, time is of the essence, so he can often shift priorities as needed if emergencies arise.

A: Yes. In the interest of clarity and the protection of all parties involved, Dr. Deel uses a standard retainer agreement that articulates the rights of parties, the fee schedule, contingencies, confidentiality terms, and other important information. We would be happy to provide you with a copy of the standard retainer upon request.

A: Absolutely. The knowledge, skills, and experience of an expert aren’t just useful in the courtroom, so Dr. Deel also offers his services in a consulting capacity for businesses and organizations that may need them. Feel free to contact us for more details.

A: Yes, of course. Dr. Deel has worked with many different attorneys on dozens of different cases, and we would be happy to provide references upon request.

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